Gracenote Pottery

Gracenote Pottery was created from my own healing journey after my Ph.D. experience.  One day I was feeling very discouraged, depressed, like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or where I was going, and wondered “Does anything make me happy?”  As I sat on my couch and looked around my home, my eyes landed on the objects around me.  When they landed on my pottery mug collection, I had an “Aha!” moment – Pottery makes me happy!  Thus began my ascent into the world of hand-sculpted pottery.

However, I wasn’t content with making cute little lopsided bowls and mugs in classes.  My work had to have meaning.  One day, after working with someone with a particularly difficult traumatic issue, my thoughts turned to her while the wheel was spinning (both the actual pottery wheel and the wheel in my head that never shuts off), and this little vase emerged.  I intentionally shaped it asymmetrically, resembling the traumatic injury that shattered her body and set her life spinning in a new direction.  I kept thinking of her through the decorating and glazing process, how much love and tenderness she required to for her body to heal (tiny gold hearts around the lower half), yet how whole and strong she is to keep moving forward and asserting herself in her life (a heart-shaped opening).   Thus emerged my first piece of healing art.

I recently helped a young girl create a clay sculpture as she worked through a difficult family experience.  The joy she felt at creating something special will remain with her every time she sees this piece of art.

I don’t know where pottery will take me, but I know that it results in some pretty amazing art!  Every piece I create is perfectly imperfect, just like each of us.  I use my passion for pottery to accentuate my healing practice.  

Please let me know if you are interested in having your own piece of art created as part of your healing journey. 

Together we can sculpt your story into something beautiful!