Dr. Angela Grace

Mira picMy mission is to inspire people

to mindfully and positively care for their

body, mind, spirit, relationships,

and the earth with loving kindness.


My passion is providing holistic counselling and assessment for the treatment of  eating disorders, weight-related issues, trauma, burnout, adrenal fatigue, and loss (health, relationships, parental alienation).   I use a mindful and intuitive approach to counselling to help guide people towards personal truth, authenticity, and improved health and well-being. I aspire to provide a supportive environment to facilitate deep inner healing. I believe in healing at the level of the soul, a return to a wholeness of heart.

Education & Training:  I have a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology with a specialization in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. In addition to traditional approaches to psychology, I have extensive training in EMDR (Level II), Core Shamanism, Hakomi (mindfulness centered therapy), and Reiki (energy therapy), which enables me to use a unique and integrated approach to healing.  Prior to becoming a psychologist, I was an elementary teacher, which gives me a unique ability to work with children, parents, and teachers to enhance children’s well-being.  I enjoy doing psycho-educational and socio-emotional assessments to help children experience greater success.  My training in theatre, art, dance, yoga, and play therapy enables me to work in creative ways to enhance people’s sense of well-being.

Why see a Ph.D. Psychologist?  My 2 years Master’s of Counselling degree provided a basic foundation for my counselling and assessment skills.  However, my challenging 6 year Ph.D. program deepened my theory, knowledge, and expertise to effectively address complex life experiences from a broader feminist and social justice perspective.  My Ph.D. has taken me from a clinician to an expert in my field and and a supervisor for other counsellors in ethics and best practices.

Workshops:  I facilitate mindfulness and eating disorder recovery & prevention workshops and provide consultation for eating disorder prevention at national and international levels.  I use feminist and social justice approaches to advocate for change to create healthier school and work environments.  I am passionate about creating change, and would be happy to discuss your needs for workshops and organizational consultations.  I also conduct crisis counselling sessions for organizations.

Professional Supervision & Consultation:  Welcome to the Warrior Goddess Council!  Friday afternoons are dedicated to professional supervision and consultation with up-and-coming provisional psychologists and counsellors who wish to expand their skills, discuss ethical and practice issues, and be supported by a team of like-minded therapists engaged in feminist approaches to counselling and social justice.

HeArt: I have a passion for integrating art techniques and sculpting into my therapeutic work.  

Passions:  I enjoy writing, yoga, dance, making pottery, playing the piano and guitar, spending time with my family, and outdoor adventures that connect me with nature.  I am currently completing Iyengar yoga teacher training and furthering Shamanic studies.

Therapy Dog:  I have a beautiful therapy dog, Mira, who may join us during sessions.  She has a calming and loving presence, and is a constant source of inspiration for healing from trauma and eating disorders.

Nature Therapy:  Walk & talk sessions are also available, as being in nature is a wonderful healing space.  Please inquire about “Unleashing the Furies” sessions (dealing with women’s trauma and anger), a half or full day intensive trauma therapy session in beautiful Kananaskis.


Please contact me at (403) 827-8529 or dr.angela.grace@gmail.com