Individual Counselling

Counselling for Women (18+)

Are you struggling with:

Body image?  Emotional eating?  Low self-esteem?  Difficult decision to make?

What has happened to break your heart and hurt your soul? 


Hurts & trauma can impact women’s lives deeply, impacting your nervous system, brain functioning, sense of self, relationships, and ability to work. It can make it difficult to eat, care for your body, show up in relationships, make important decisions, and find passion & joy.

Healing women’s issues requires gentleness, compassion, a willingness to change, and a body-mind-spirit approach.  Let’s dive deep into soul-centered counselling to heal your hurts, make meaning of your experience, and help you find your truth.  We will focus on compassionate ways to heal through mindfulness, trauma therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, body-centered approaches and self-care to help you on your journey of finding peace with your body and your life!  We will explore your story with compassion, then work together to develop a plan for sacred self-care using a holistic body-mind-soul approach to help you move forward in life with joy, ease, and authenticity. 

Approaches to Counselling:  I believe that counselling is both a science and an art. I aspire to provide a supportive environment to facilitate deep inner healing.I am trained in traditional approaches to counselling (CBT, Narrative, Person-Centered), and am excited to share intuitive & holistic approaches to healing that move beyond talk therapy through the following approaches to therapy:


Let’s create a holistic plan to make the changes you need to live a full, healthy, embodied life!



Counselling & Assessment for Youth Ages 6-17

I am committed to helping children understand their world and express themselves fully.

Are you worried about your daughter?  Is she going through something difficult?  Sometimes it is difficult for children to talk with their parents, and sometimes it is hard for parents to listen.  Supported, creative therapy through art, sand play, storytelling, and animal assisted therapy with an expert child therapist can help girls to express themselves, resolve issues, and heal relationships.


Does your child need a psycho-educational assessment?

Psycho-educational and socio-emotional assessments can help to determine your child’s strengths and provide professional recommendations to help address challenging issues. I conduct comprehensive assessments for cognitive, academic, behavioural, giftedness, and socio-emotional issues.  As a previous teacher, I am able to provide concise and relevant recommendations for schools, and work with parents to create the changes needed to help your child thrive!


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