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Healing Body Image & Eating Issues

What has hurt you so much that you struggle to nourish and love yourself? Healing eating and body image issues is a challenge that requires gentleness, compassion, a willingness to change, and a body-mind-spirit approach.  I am happy to share my 15+ years experience in preventing & healing eating & body image issues through individual counselling & group workshops.  We will focus on compassionate ways to heal from eating and body image issues through mindfulness, trauma therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, body-centered approaches and self-care to help you on your journey of finding peace with your body.  We will explore how your history has affected your sense of connection with yourself and your ability to care for your body, and develop a holistic plan to make the changes you need to live a full, healthy, embodied life!

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The​ ​Body​ ​Project​ is a body-acceptance program designed to help girls & women improve their body image and self-esteem. The​ ​Body​ ​Project​ is supported by more research than any other body image program! Angela and a team of passionate counsellors facilitate The Body Project across Calgary, with the goal of helping every woman appreciate the body she has, speak up against Fat Talk & body negativity, and reclaim self-care.

                                                                                  Please inquire about upcoming workshop dates!  



 Yoga for Body Image & Self-esteem

This is not your everyday yoga class! This weekly class merges yoga philosophy, Iyengar yoga, mindfulness, and heart-centered meditation to focus on healing eating & body image issues. You will learn yoga practices to build self-confidence and reduce anxiety, honour your body and emotions with heart-centered meditation, learn mindful eating and self-care practices, and explore ways to increase self-love and compassion.

Please inquire about dates for the next session. Or join Angela at Yoga Sarana Thursday evenings for an introduction to Iyengar Yoga.





Girls, Women, & Trauma

Ouch!  What has happened to break your heart and hurt your soul?  Sexual assault?  Trauma?  Work-related burnout?  Illness?  Relationship abuse?  Divorce?  Narcissistic parenting?  Low self-esteem?  Do you have a difficult, life changing decision to make?  Trauma can impact women’s lives deeply, impacting your nervous system, brain functioning, and sense of self.  Let’s dive deep into soul-centered counselling to heal your hurts and help you find your truth.  We will explore your story with compassion, then work together to develop a plan for sacred self-care using a holistic body-mind-soul approach to help you move forward in life with joy, ease, and authenticity.  


Sacred Self-Care & Spirituality

Do you struggle with self-worth and trusting your internal knowing?  When we are connected to Spirit, we listen, we trust, and we know our value.  Sacred self-care is trusting that your body always knows the truth.  It is tapping into your femininity, intuition, heart, and gut feelings.  Becoming aware of your spirituality moves your awareness from your head to your heart, and guides you towards your unique purpose here on earth.   Don’t just “go through the motions,” create daily rituals that reinforce and ignite your spirit.  Intuitive counselling & core shamanism can help you re-connect with your divine essence.

How can Core Shamanism help?  Check it out here.



Unleashing the Furies

Feel like you want to scream?  Magic can happen when women own their feelings, process their hurts, and express their emotions in healthy ways.  Let’s open Pandora’s Box, & see what hidden hurts are preventing you from fully living your life.

Please inquire about half day or full day Unleashing the Furies sessions in beautiful Kananaskis.  You will be supported  in an emotional releasing ceremony in the mountains, surrounding by the beauty of mother nature.  Set yourself free, & take action to create the changes you desire – may you have the courage to change the things you cannot accept.




Children & Adolescents

I am committed to helping children understand their world and express themselves fully.

Are you worried about your daughter?  Is she going through something difficult?  Sometimes it is difficult for children to talk with their parents about issues, and sometimes it is hard for parents to listen.  Supported, creative therapy through art, puppetry, sand play, storytelling, and animal assisted therapy with an expert child therapist can help children to express themselves, resolve issues, and heal relationships.


Does your child need a psycho-educational assessment?

Psycho-educational and socio-emotional assessments can help to determine your child’s strengths and provide professional recommendations to help address challenging issues. I conduct comprehensive assessments for cognitive, academic, behavioural, giftedness, and socio-emotional issues.  As a previous teacher, I am able to provide concise and relevant recommendations for schools, and work with parents to create the changes needed to help children thrive.


Warrior Goddess Council

Friday  afternoons are dedicated to professional supervision and consultation with up-and-coming provisional psychologists and counsellors who wish to expand their skills, discuss ethical and practice issues, and be supported by a team of like-minded therapists engaged in feminist approaches to counselling and social justice.  Contact Angela for 2018 dates & fees.



Professional Speaking & Training

I am passionate about sharing my expertise to help schools & organizations improve the lives of youth as well as their own health & wellness.  I have extensive experience speaking with and training large & small organizations, teaching pre-service teachers about health & wellness, and being a media consultant.  Interactive presentations range from 1.5-2 hours, to full day workshops. Professional fees apply.

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Please inquire about available dates for workshops and professional speaking.  Spring and Summer dates are filling up quickly!




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